Paris Night


This painting was sold to a women in Virginia who sent me an email explaining her interest in the picture. Her son went to dancing school with a young woman who looked very much like the figure in the painting. This young woman was one of the individuals who was killed in the shooting massacre at Virginia Tech several years ago. The buyer bought the painting so that she could donate it to The Angel Fund which is a memorial that the victim's family has founded. The painting was sold at the Fund’s annual auction. The victim’s sister also noted about how much the figure resembled her sister. She also noted that every evening after she danced, her sister would remove her shoes. It is very gratifying to have one of my paintings have such an effect on people. It borders on the metaphysical.

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Good Harbor Beach

 I painted a smaller version of this scene, which sold at a local art show, several years ago.  I returned to the same spot on an early May morning about a year ago.   The bridge had a mystical appearence in the early morning light.  There were several people there and I was able to put them into the painting.    Sometimes an artist can catch the mood, the color, the light, a pleasing composition, and combine them into a meaningful picture.  This painting is one of those keepers.  I put it into a show last month and sold it to an appreciative local couple.   

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Marilyn Monroe has been a favorite of mine since the 1950's when I was in the service.  The troops in WWII had Betty Grable, we had Marilyn.  This particular rendition is from a portfolio of her early photos, before she became Marilyn.

My wife and I just saw the new film, My Week With Marilyn,  which we both enjoyed very much.  Michelle Williams does an wonderful portrayal and becomes Marilyn on the screen.  It inspired me to do this painting which I have enterd into the January Bold Brush Art Contest. If you would like to vote for her go here and click on like:

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Last October, my  son came East for his birthday.  While he was here we made a trip to Princeton NJ so he could renew realationships with cousins and meet a new generation of realitives.  Sophia is one of that new generation.  She is very articulate and very animated and will talk on any subject.   When she realized that I was a painter she wanted to be in a painting so I put her in this one.  She had a one word response to the image...Amazing! The outside interest in the picture has been so exstensive that I decided to enter it into the Convoo Bold Brush Competition for December 2010.  We haven't seen the contest results yet.   Regardless, I'll send the picture to her for her bedroom wall. 

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This is a pianting of my daughter that I did from one of her photo shoots.  She was avery successful  actress and designer.  She died two years ago.  We still miss her.

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Evening Prayer

This painting was done from a black and white photograph.  This picture has been in my wife's family since the early twentieth century.  It is one of her favorites.  I painted it and we both liked the results so much that we used the image for our Christmas card.  It has never been for sale and has been hanging in our living room since I painted it.  Most everyone likes it and is amazed that a painting can be done from an old B&W photograph.  I have entered it into the August Bold Brush Art Competition.  If you like it, you can vote for it by clicking on the link below:
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Hassam's "Conversations"

This painting is a composite I did using Childe Hassam's Conversation on Fifth Avenue and a photo I took at the MFA Boston.  The three women in front of the painting  were at the Art in Bloom Show which comes to the museum every April.  They were actually discussing a floral arrangement that was in front of another painting. Garden clubs from the greater Boston area design floral arrangements that go with a particular painting which forms the basis for the Art in Bloom theme.  The three women in the painting who are dressed in elegant afternoon attire are a sharp contrast to the three below them who are in casual dress.  I thought it was an interesting composition.  I put it on eBay one morning last week.  However a visitor from Florida snatched it off the shelf in the studio where it was drying .  He said it was love at first sight.  He bought it and it never made the eBay auction and I removed from my site.  I am always fascinated at how a particular piece can affect someone to the point that they must possess it. 

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Alfred Molina as Rothko in "Red"

This piece is a rendition I did of Alfred Molina portraying Mark Rothko on Broadway in the play RED.  Lenore got tickets a month before the performance in which time the play received the Tony for best drama 2010.  We took the Bolt Bus to New York City ( a new adventure for us) for a matinée performance.  It happened to be the final performance.  The play was at the Golden Theater and was sold out.  As we seated ourselves, we could discern a figure, on the dimly lit stage, seated in a chair contemplating a very large red canvas.  That was the way the play opened.  It is also the scene that I was trying to capture in the painting.   The play was a tour de force and was about Rothko's dilemma over the Seagram's painting project for which he was proffered an amount equivalent to 2.5 million dollars in todays values.  The paintings were to hang in the Four Seasons Restaurant. As he approached the end of the project, he visited the restaurant and decided that it was not the audience nor venue for his work.  He then calls and returns the check solving his dilemma

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Celebrating Independence Day

This painting was done from a reference photo that Lenore took  and a sketch I did in Bath ME on Independence Day several weeks ago.  It was a very festive day in Bath and this young woman was sitting on a bench singing.  She was not soliciting donations, just strumming the guitar and enjoying  her own world.  I have submitted the painting to the OPA regional show and submitted an image of the work to the August Bold Brush painting contest.  If you are on Facebook you can vote online for the painting if you like it.

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Chef At Georgia Brown's

Our Thanksgiving at Georgia Brown;s

I painted this piece from a photo I took at Gorgia Brown's restaurant in Washington DC last Thanksgiving.  Although the interior was inviting as a venue for a painting, the chef actually posed for me and this is the result.  The painting was sold on eBay to a women in Spain.  I later submitted an image of the worrk to the Bold Brush national contest.  It was juried into the top 15% of the paintings submitted

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