Hassam's "Conversations"

This painting is a composite I did using Childe Hassam's Conversation on Fifth Avenue and a photo I took at the MFA Boston.  The three women in front of the painting  were at the Art in Bloom Show which comes to the museum every April.  They were actually discussing a floral arrangement that was in front of another painting. Garden clubs from the greater Boston area design floral arrangements that go with a particular painting which forms the basis for the Art in Bloom theme.  The three women in the painting who are dressed in elegant afternoon attire are a sharp contrast to the three below them who are in casual dress.  I thought it was an interesting composition.  I put it on eBay one morning last week.  However a visitor from Florida snatched it off the shelf in the studio where it was drying .  He said it was love at first sight.  He bought it and it never made the eBay auction and I removed from my site.  I am always fascinated at how a particular piece can affect someone to the point that they must possess it. 


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